New Bro Skill Plan!

Hey New Bros,

Here is a good starting point for your skill training to help you fly the basics. If you have any question please ask away!

Skill Que
Caldari Frigate I
Caldari Frigate II
Caldari Frigate III
Missile Launcher Operation I
Missile Launcher Operation II
Missile Launcher Operation III
Light Missiles I
Light Missiles II
Light Missiles III
Missile Bombardment I
Missile Bombardment II
Missile Bombardment III
Missile Projection I
Missile Projection II
Missile Projection III
Target Navigation Prediction I
Target Navigation Prediction II
Target Navigation Prediction II
Sensor Linking I
Propulsion Jamming I
Infomorph Psychology I
Rapid Launch I
Rapid Launch II
Rapid Launch III
Electronics Upgrades I
Electronics Upgrades II
Minmatar Frigate I
Minmatar Frigate II
Minmatar Frigate III
Small Projectile Turret I
Sharpshooter I
Rapid Firing I
Motion Prediction I
Shield Emission Systems I
Shield Emission Systems II
Minmatar Destroyer I
Minmatar Destroyer II
Minmatar Destroyer III
Gallente Frigate I
Gallente Frigate II
Gallente Frigate III
Electronic Warfare I
Electronic Warfare II
Electronic Warfare III
Long Distance Jamming I
Long Distance Jamming II
Frequency Modulation I
Frequency Modulation II
Weapon Disruption I
Amarr Frigate I
Amarr Frigate II
Amarr Frigate III
Amarr Destroyer I
Amarr Destroyer II
Amarr Destroyer III
Amarr Cruiser I
Amarr Cruiser II
Capacitor Emission Systems I
Capacitor Emission Systems II
Capacitor Emission Systems III
Drones I
Drones II
Drones III
Light Drone Operation I
Drone Avionics I
Drone Avionics II
Propulsion Jamming II
Repair Systems I
Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems I
Target Painting I
Armor Layering I
Armor Layering II
Astrometrics II
Astrometric Rangefinding I